Bettina Callary
Canada Research Chair in Sport Coaching and Adult Learning and an Associate Professor, CBU.
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Simon Barrick
Assistant professor, CBU.

  • Barrick, S., Bridel, W., & Bard Miller, J. (In Press). Striving for newcomer inclusion: A critical analysis of Canadian Intro to Sport programs. Leisure/Loisir.
  • Rose, V., Barrick, S., & Bridel, W. (2020). “Pretty tough and pretty hard”: An intersectional analysis of krump on So You Think You Can Dance. Journal of Dance Education. DOI: 10.1080/15290824.2020.1738014
  • Barrick, S. & Mair, H. (2019). Understanding the experiences in adult introductory sport programs: A case study of learn-to-curl leagues. Qualitative Research in Sport, Exercise, and Health. DOI: 10.1080/2159676X.2019.1673467

Teena Campbell
Part-time professor
Project Title: Nova Scotia Performance Coach Development Program

John Hudec
Assistant professor, CBU. Recent publications
Project Title:

Chelsea Currie
Part-time professor, Adult recreation coordinator for the Cape Breton Regional Municipality
MA Thesis: Investigating coach-athlete relationships within a women’s masters sports tea

Joseph Gurgis
Post-Doc, Cape Breton University
Project Title: Exploring Indigenous coaches’ trajectories, needs, and barriers

Catalina Belalcazar
PhD Student, University of Ottawa
Undergraduate Project: Playing Naturally: A Cape Breton Naturalized Playground Case Study
Masters Project: Personalized coach education for Masters football coaches in Ibagué, Colombia

  • Belalcazar, C., & Callary, B. (2020). Coach Developers on a Masters Football Coach Development Programme in Colombia. In T. M. Leeder (Ed.), Coach Education in Football: Contemporary Issues and Global Perspectives. Routledge. Submitted.
  • Callary, B., Belalcazar, C., Rathwell, S., & Young, B. W. (2021). The Way Ahead for Coaching Masters Athletes. In B. Callary, Young, B. W., & Rathwell, S. (Eds.), Coaching Masters Athletes: Advancing research & practice in adult sport. Routledge.
  • Belalcazar, C., & Callary, B. (2020). Coaching Masters Athletes in Colombia. International Sport Coaching Journal, 8(1), 113-121.

Ciera Disipio
MBA in community economic development candidate, Cape Breton University
Undergrad Honours Thesis: Investigating Player Coaches’ Experiences in a Men’s Masters Basketball League
Masters Project: Understanding coach development strategies

Kimberley Eagles
Student, Cape Breton University
Project Title: Exploring disciplinary practices of Masters sport 

Sara Szabo
MSc. Student at University of Alberta
Project Title:  The impact of the ‘Keeping Girls in Sport (KGIS)’ online educational program created by Jumpstart Charities, Canadian Women & Sport, and the Coaching Association of Canada

Julie Baribault
Student, Cape Breton University
Undergrad Honours Thesis: Nature-based recreational opportunities empowering women survivors of trauma

Dan Johnson
Student, Cape Breton University
Project Title: Partnership with UK Strength and Conditioning Association, move Sara Szabo to Previous trainees

Associated Members

Brian Gearity, Director & Assistant Professor Sport, S&C, and Fitness Coaching. Director of MA in Sport Coaching at the University of Denver

Doug Lionais, Associate Professor, Cape Breton University: title of project: The social and economic impacts of sport resorts in post-industrial communities

Steven Rynne, Associate Professor, University of Queensland

Christoph Szedlak, PhD, University of Southampton

Matthew Smith, Senior Lecturer, University of Winchester

Clayton Kuklick, Assistant professor, University of Denver

Beth Barz, PhD student, Queen’s University