CoASTaL lab

Welcome to the Community Active Sport Training and Learning (CoASTaL) Lab of Cape Breton University. This Lab is funded by the Canadian Foundation and Research Nova Scotia for Innovation as an initiative with Dr. Bettina Callary’s Tier 2 Canada Research Chair in Sport Coaching and Adult Learning. Her research program themes encompass various projects in understanding effective coaching approaches of specific populations of athletes as well as coach development:

  1. Coach developers/coach development strategies; 
  2. Psychosocial understanding of inclusive coaching:
    • Coaching Masters Athletes; 
    • S&C coach development; 
    • Women coaches; 
    • Holistic coaching of high-performance athletes;
    • Indigenous coaches

Room bookings

The CoASTaL lab research facility has two rooms available for bookings. These are spaces catered to research-focused initiatives. More information and details can be found through the following booking button.

Recent publications from Dr. Callary

For publications related to Coaching Masters Athletes, please see: Resources page

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Dr. Callary is the Editor-in-Chief for the International Sport Coaching Journal