Daniel Johnston
Project Title: Partnership with UK Strength and Conditioning Association

Rachel Yerxa
Project Title: Perceived Stress and its Effect on the University Student Athlete Compared to the Non-Student Athlete 

Sugandhat Bharti
Project Title: Strength and conditioning, exercise physiology and the links to the CoASTaL lab

Michael Gould
Project Title: Sport Coaching Network, online value

Jonathan Cromwell
Project Title: Sport Coaching Network, feasibility

Maril MacInnis 
Project Title: How to Effectively Motivate Adults to Adhere to a Physiotherapy Treatment Plan

Matthew Hoffmann (post-doc fellow)
Project Title: Comparing Masters athletes with varying degrees of coaching for psychological need satisfaction and frustration

Justin MacLellan,
Masters Thesis: Investigating a coach’s facilitation of learning situations among Masters and youth athletes

Seth Amoah
Masters Project: Uncovering ways in which an athletic department flourishes through ongoing learning facilitated by the Leadership of the Athletic Director

Associated Trainees

Sara Szabo, MSc. student at the University of Alberta

Armando Marin Rojas, Ph.D. candidate, CBU (Emerging leaders in Latin America, Global Affairs Canada scholarship recipient)

Annie Ulliac, MA, Department of Psychology, Western Kentucky University

Rachel Van Woezik, MSc. Nipissing University 

Pernille Sina Lund, MA, Department of Coaching and Psychology, Norwegian School of Sport Sciences 

Eva Ellmer, Ph.D., School of Human Movement, University of Queensland, Australia

Kylie McNeill, Ph.D., Human Kinetics, University of Ottawa

Lisa Bain, MA, Human Kinetics, University of Ottawa

Tiago Duarte, Ph.D., Human Kinetics, University of Ottawa

Francois Rodrigue, Ph.D., Human Kinetics, University of Ottawa