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Conference presentations



Belalcazar, C., Callary, B. Situating coaching development needs within the community of Masters football in Ibague, Colombia. Presentation at the 12th International Council for Coaching Excellence (ICEE) Global Coach Conference (Tokyo, Japan, Oct.30-Nov.1, 2019)

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Rathwell, S., Hoffmann, M., Young, B.W., & Callary, B. (2019). The validation of an adult-oriented coaching tool using data from masters athletes and coaches. Presented at the bi-annual meeting of the European Federation of Sport Psychology, Münster, Germany.

Hoffmann, M., Young, B.W., Rathwell, S., Currie, C., & Callary, B. (2019). Do coached and non-coached masters athletes differ in their reports of psychological need satisfaction and thwarting? Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology, 41(Suppl.),S69. Presentation delivered at the annual meeting of the North American Society for the Psychology of Sport and Physical Activity, Baltimore, MD.










Callary, B., Rathwell, S., Young, B. W., & Cundari, G. (2018). Teaching Adult Athletes: Canadian Pros’ Approaches. Presented at the World Scientific Congress of Golf, Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada.

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Callary et al., (2014). Presentation at the Canadian Society for psychomotor learning and sport psychology (SCAPPS), London, ON.